World Cultural Events

What is the World MultiCultural Events Guide?

Sharing Diversity™- World MultiCultural Events Guides contains resources to expand upon the information provided in its annual Chronology of World Culture Events Poster and Desk Calendar.

Order Sharing Diversity™ Posters and Desk Calendars

The former MultiCultural Development Center (MCDC) has offered for the past 15 years a great-looking SHARING DIVERSITY™- Chronology of World Cultural Events Poster for use personally or at your company. Most days of the calendar year have a holiday, festival or event associated with them, and all of these worldwide events are available at a glance. Also available is the Chronology of World Cultural Events Desk Calendar which offers a more compact, month-by-month view of the listings. Since it was created and developed by Dr. Lakanwal, MCDC board has given him the privilege of its continuation. Order your copies today.

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